My Inaugural Cock Pouch Run


Wearing a cock pouch for the first time wasn’t too bad for me, until I decided to go out to the beach in it. I was so conscious about what I was wearing that I think I gave it more attention than anyone else did. I even saw other guys on the beach wearing pouches themselves and they noticed mine more than their own. I just felt like I was on display, which I was actually because of the design itself, and I hated that feeling. It was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life and I swore I would never go through that again.

That cock pouch moment was almost two years ago and I have worn one just about every day since then. As I live on the beach, I have easy access and can wear anything I want. I have learned to be myself while wearing a pouch and not act like I am wearing one for the first time. I stand confidently on the beach and no one pays any attention to the fact that I have a small pouch covering up just enough to not get me arrested for indecent exposure.

I have purchased quite a few cock pouch designs since that very first one and I love them all. Of course my all-time favorite is still that first one that I was so self-conscious about. There is just something about your first time wearing a design like this in public that makes that particular design stick out in your mind. I’m glad that I finally had the guts to do something different and wear that pouch out where others could see it. It has changed my life for the better and I think more guys should do something like this if they ever get the chance.


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Finding a Cock Pouch Beach

I wore my first ever cock pouch to the beach last weekend and was surprised at the reaction I got. Most of the people paid no attention to me, averting their eyes when I walked by. But there was a handful that literally stood in my face and told me that I should be ashamed of myself for wearing my pouch. They seemed to think I was wearing something that wasn’t allowed on the beach and even called beach patrol to have me leave. Of course beach patrol knew that I was allowed to wear my pouch as long as it covered my cock and balls without being too flashy about it.


I ended up having to take my cock pouch to another beach, though, because all those people followed me around yelling obscenities at me with every step we took. I guess they got their way in the end, but I simply laughed and shook my head as I drove off. People like that will spout on and on about freedom and free will, but get exceedingly angry when you do something they don’t seem to agree with. Personally, I think they should be the ones trying out something like these pouches.

The next beach that I wore my cock pouch to didn’t have the same issues with me. In fact, there were a lot of other guys out there on the beach wearing pouches themselves and they were having a great time. I have now found the beach that I want to spend the rest of my free-time on and being able to wear my pouch makes it an even better place to go for me. Maybe one of these days, people will wake up and see that swimwear is a personal choice that should be allowed to flourish these days, even in public.


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Easing into the Cock Pouch




The cock pouch may be the most misunderstood member of the swimwear category. Even though it is considered to be a swimsuit, when you look at it; you will see that it is clearly not really a swimsuit. It may not even be underwear. You see, the pouch is a tiny piece of material sewn into the shape of a little drawstring bag that allows you to tuck your penis and balls securely inside. This does offer some protection from the sun and sand at the beach but it covers absolutely nothing else.


That’s why it is necessary to do some preparation before easing into the cock pouch for the first time. For one thing, if your body is a bit out of shape; you may want to do what you can to look fit. That doesn’t mean that you’re required to have a six pack but it does mean that if you’ve got one of those unattractive beer bellies that simply hangs there, you might want to do more than just a small amount of work on your body. What’s the point of wearing a pouch when it is completely hidden by a mound of sagging flesh?


Another consideration before slipping into that cock pouch is to make sure that your body is clean shaven. Unsightly hair sticking out in tufts around your pouch is not the sexiest thing in the world to see. All this will get you is a lot of pointing and snickering behind hands. That’s not an experience that you want to have because it will stay in the back of your mind for the rest of your life. Talk about a self-confidence ripper! That would be it.


Finally, you need to wear the pouch in the privacy of your home before daring to step out onto the public beach. This can help prepare you for feeling naked in front of others. Once you’ve taken these precautionary measures, you should be ready for your debut.


Sorry no real models just me and my big butt in some of my favorite bikinis and thongs.



Cock Pouch and Smaller Cocks


If you are planning on wearing a cock pouch in public, then you might want to consider what exactly you are showing off to the world. Most guys will throw on a pouch and head out the door thinking that the world is finally going to see how big their cocks really are, which can be a good thing or a bad thing in some cases. If you have an overly small cock, do you really want people to see it bouncing around in a small pouch? You have to think of things like this before heading out the door, you know.

I always thought that wearing a cock pouch would be the greatest thing in the world, until I actually got one and tried it on. You see, I am one of those guys that has the smaller cock and wearing something that accentuates the smallness is not what I would recommend. The good news is that there are designs of pouches available that have taken that into consideration for men like us. You just have to make sure you are buying the right pouch designs so that even having a small cock isn’t such a big deal.

The cock pouch that I wear now has a small cock ring designed into it that makes my cock look a lot bigger than it actually is. This is good news for anyone that actually takes their pouch into the water and use it as swimwear. I know how dramatically smaller a pouch can look when you come out of the water in one and having that ring built in helps a lot to fill it out a bit more. Just make sure you get the right size cock ring for your pouch and you should be having the time of your life every time you step foot out on the beach.

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Sorry no real model today just me in a tiny swimsuit.

The Comfort of a Cock Pouch

If you are going to be wearing a cock pouch out in public, you should probably make sure that you have something to put in it. I have seen a guy walking around on the beach in one of these designs and I always find it amazing that he doesn’t have the equipment to make his pouch look even half full. I don’t have anything against him and if that is what he wants to wear, then more power to him. I would, however, think that wearing something that shows off your cock in that manner would require having a cock worth showing off in the first place.


I have looked at some of the cock pouch designs that are available and most of them have a built in cock ring to make you fill the pouch out in the correct manner. I don’t understand why this guy hasn’t made the decision to purchase one of those designs rather than the one that shows exactly how small he is. Like I said, though, if he is comfortable with it, then who am I to judge him? It’s not like I am out there showing my cock off to everyone on the beach.

That thought struck me so I went ahead and purchased a cock pouch that had a ring built into it. I put it on and filled the pouch out very well. Then I walked down to the beach to see if I could find that guy and show him what he should look like with something like this on. I didn’t find him, but I did find out why he chose to wear a pouch in the first place. They are much more comfortable than any other swimwear I have ever tried on and now I couldn’t care less about what the pouch is showing off or not.




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My Cock Pouch Experience

Wearing my first cock pouch was a bit strange for me. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from having something like this on, but I knew that it was something I really wanted to try. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I was going to have to shave just about my entire body. That was the longest shower in my entire life, but it was well worth the time and effort put into it. After all, you just don’t look all that good wearing something like this without having your body looking smooth


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The only other issue I had with my cock pouch was the fact that I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep my cock in that pouch. I figured the thing would be slipping off all the time, especially while I was walking or jogging down the beach. The funny thing about it is these designs are pretty good about keeping things in place while you have it on. On the other hand, if it really worries you a lot, there are some pouches available on the market that have cock rings built in to make sure it stays in place for you.

The most important thing to remember about wearing a cock pouch is that you need to have fun in your life. If you aren’t having fun while wearing something like this, then it probably isn’t for you. I have seen guys out on the beach that are just wearing a pouch to prove that they can and they aren’t enjoying themselves at all. If you can’t have fun in your swimwear, then why would you even purchase that type of design? It just doesn’t make sense to me, but then, I don’t have anything to prove to the people around me, either. I just like wearing a pouch now and having fun.

Loving My Cock Pouch Independently


If you are planning on wearing a cock pouch, then you might want to consider where you are going to be wearing them. I have tried wearing a pouch to a couple of beaches in my area and have been told that they are unacceptable for public viewing. I never really thought about things like that when I first saw these pouch designs because I was too excited about trying them on. As it turns out, there are quite a lot of beaches in the world that aren’t going to allow designs like this to be worn in public.


The closest beach to me that will allow the wearing of a cock pouch is almost two hours away and I don’t really have that much time in my life right now. At least not that kind of time just to show off a new swimsuit to an unsuspecting public. So I have had to change things up a bit and wear them around the pool whenever I want to have some fun. I just wish that I could show off my pouch to people walking by, but I have a privacy fence around the house and pool so that doesn’t work out very well.

I have been able to take my cock pouch designs on vacation with me a couple of times and wear them, but I don’t get too many vacations. It is nice to be able to scrape up some free time here and there to take them to that beach two hours away but I always have to plan the whole day around something like that. It doesn’t matter, though, as long as I get a chance every now and then to show off my pouch swimwear; that is all that matters to me. I love wearing them and I don’t really care if I am the only one that gets to see me doing it.


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Cock Pouch Imagination

Cock Pouch Imagination

When it comes time for me to pick out my newest cock pouch swimwear, I like to imagine the kind of attention that I am going to get when I am out on the beach in them. I take some time to look at the pictures that are shown on the sites I buy my swimwear from and think about any interactions I might have with that particular design on. I run through scenarios in my head with different types of people and how they might react to me when I walk past them. It helps me determine whether or not the design is going to fit in well with my lifestyle.

Now there are a lot of guys that will simply look at the first cock pouch that they find and purchase it because they think it’s going to make their cocks look good. I have no problem with guys that do this. In fact, some of my friends purchase their swimwear like this and they look exceptionally sexy in them, too. But I find that just purchasing something just because it looks sexy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to fit my body in the manner that it am hoping it will.

I have purchased a couple of different cock pouch designs that I thought would fit nicely and I ended up looking like I was wearing a potato instead of swimwear. That is not something I enjoyed going through and definitely don’t want to do that again anytime soon, so that is why I take my time in figuring out what designs I should wear. By going about it this way. I have found that the designs I now pick out fit a lot better and definitely make me look much sexier. It is definitely a personal choice that I choose to live by, but it works for me.

My First Cock Pouch Experience


The first time I ever put a cock pouch on I was shocked to see just how big I was. I always thought that my cock was a little too small to wear something like this effectively but, as it turned out, I was able to more than fill that tiny little ouch. My girlfriend kept trying to tell me that I had just purchased a pouch that was smaller than what I needed in order to make my cock look big, but that wasn’t how it went down at all. I just wanted something that would actually fit me.

I did have a few problems with that first cock pouch, though. The first time I ever played volleyball in it, I was tossed out the side and hanging for all of the world to see. I hadn’t purchased a pouch with a cock ring added into it so I had no way of keeping my cock in place when I dove for the ball. Of course everyone I was playing with never said a word to let me know and I finished off the game with my cock dangling out the side. Wasn’t quite as much fun as it sounds, though.

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I have since purchased a cock pouch that has the extra addition of the cock ring so that I don’t ever have to go through something like that again. Now I can go out and dive for as many balls as I want to without anyone seeing  my own balls because they’re safe and secure in my pouch. It sure beats wearing those pesky surf shorts while I am out there trying the have some fun and get a great tan. It’s important to realize that your size of pouch is going to determine whether or not you get to have any fun as well. Most sites that sell pouches will tell you how to measure to make sure you get the right size, though. Just be sure to pay attention to that part and you’ll be fine.

A Cock Pouch and Small Towns


I never thought about wearing a cock pouch out in public because of the conservative nature of the town I live in. I am sure that the first time I stepped out of my house wearing something like this would end up in me ducking for cover as people started throwing things at me. Don’t get me wrong, though. The people in my town are very nice in general, but they just don’t have open minds most of the time. However, that hasn’t stopped me from wearing one in the privacy of my own home.

I know some guys online that would be more than willing to walk around in a cock pouch no matter where they were. Those guys are quite courageous as far as I am concerned since I wouldn’t be able to do something like that. But I would enjoy seeing the looks of the people in my town as they saw these men walking around in something this sexy. It might actually open up some minds if there were enough guys walking down the street in one of these pouches. Maybe I can set up some kind of parade for them just to have some fun.

I love my cock pouch and wearing it is usually the highlight of my day. But I have to make preparations to make sure that none of my neighbors saw me wearing one. I am sure my neighbors would be horrified to see me walking around in something like this, although it could be a good way of keeping them from looking through my windows while I am at home. If you live in a small town like I do, then you know what I have to go through in order to feel the excitement of having a pouch like this on. If you don’t, then consider yourself extremely lucky that you can live your life freely.

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